New Student Information Sheet



Books and Other Necessary Items:


1) Beginner Scale Book

                             Rita Salzberg’s Beginner Scale Book


                             Essentials for Strings, Neil Kjos, Publisher

2) All For Strings, Violin Book 1, Neil Kjos, Publisher

3) Suzuki Violin Book 1

4) Workbook for Strings, Violin -- If student does not already read music

5) Blank Notebook

6) Music Stand

7) Metronome

8) Shoulder Rest – preferably Kun Super or Mach Student shoulder rest

9) Cotton, flannel or microfiber cloth for cleaning violin


Parental and Student Responsibilities:

Practice with a goal of 6 days a week and a minimum of 5 days a week, 20 to 30 minutes a day.  It is very important to have the consistency of daily practice in the beginning stages of learning the violin.

Attend weekly lessons with a minimum of interruption during the school year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break, illness, etc.).  For younger students, it would be best to have a parent monitor their practicing for the first few months and also to remain through their lesson for at least a few months.

My Schedule:

I prefer to teach on Mondays, both daytime and after school.  Please contact for specific schedule and openings.


My Location:

Lucina Horner

In Hoover, AL in the Bluff Park Area near Shades Crest Road

205 249-6186


Violin Recommendations:

For sizes smaller than a full-size violin (usually a full-size violin is needed about age 12, depending on height and arm length), it is best to rent until ready for a full-size.

For internet rentals, I recommend:


Robertson Violin Shop of Albuquerque, NM

Long Island Violin Shop of New York


VR - Violin



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